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The first two products on our list can work exclusively with cars that have stereos with an AUX input.

Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit Comparison

Then, an FM transmitter might do the job, as every car stereo has an FM antenna built-in. The best thing about this device is that it has a lot of functions already built into it, like a microphone, a manual switch, buttons for changing tracks and even a built-in display. It also has an SD card reader that can be loaded with a lot of songs — in this situation, not even your phone is required. The manufacturer deserves high marks for the built-in USB port, which you can use to charge your phone. The device connects on your 12v output or your cigarette lighter port. The Nulaxy can also sometimes disconnect from your phone when driving over a bumpy road, which is certainly not ideal.

If you talk a lot while driving, the Motorola Sonic Rider Bluetooth speakerphone is the best solution, as it offers amazing call quality. The built-in microphone is great at reducing ambient noise and catching your voice, while the powerful 2-watt speaker is loud enough even in busy environments. Thanks to its small size and the mechanism that attaches to the sun visor, the Motorola Sonic Rider will not take a lot of place inside your vehicle. The built-in battery is good for an astonishing 45 hours of talk time and 5 months of standby. The Motorola is really great for those who spend hours talking on the phone, but it will do nothing for music listeners.

The Motorola speaker that sits higher on our list is one of the best Bluetooth solutions if you talk on your phone a lot, but for a lot of users, it may be too expensive.

It may not have the same call quality as the Motorola, but for a lot of users, it will be good enough. Thanks to this, you can even ask for the weather, any web information or make a call entirely hands-free. It can be connected to two devices at the same time and has a battery that can last up to 8 hours. This may sound fine, but the Motorola has juice for 45 hours. Another Bluetooth FM transmitter , but this one is for those on a tighter budget.

This means that you can connect it to your 12v socket and forget about it. Despite its small dimensions, it has a built-in screen that shows the frequency of the FM band, fast-charging USB port, and even an AUX port if you have it in your car. This inexpensive Bluetooth car kit also has a card reader for all your songs — no smartphone required. Anyway, we can forgive all of this, because the price is one of the lowest of any Bluetooth car kit on the market today. Anker is a reputable manufacturer of Bluetooth accessories and external batteries, with a reputation for building high-quality items for a very low price.

If you have AUX, this is one of the best all-around Bluetooth car kits.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Car Kits

It works on the Bluetooth 4. The Roav also has a built-in microphone with a noise-canceling feature that works great at reducing the ambient sound. We also like that this Bluetooth car kit has shortcuts for pausing a song or making a phone call built right onto it for easier use while on the go.

However, there are some downsides. The Roav by Anker is powered by a USB cable and has no built-in battery, so you must have one in your car or use an adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter port. This is due to the different connectors in various car models.

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The Yatour Bluetooth car adapter takes the place of the CD changer of your car. Thanks to all of this, it sits in your glovebox or your trunk and feels like a factory built-in system — it powers on every time you power your vehicle on. After installation, the Yatour is very easy to connect to and after that, it will connect automatically every time you enter your car and start it the stereo must be on CD mode. It offers great sound quality and great call quality, almost like a factory solution. The manufacturer thought of a great design solution where one part of the product goes into the 12v socket or cigarette lighter socket and the other connects to your car stereo via AUX cable.

The part that connects to your car stereo has a built-in battery for hours of listening or talking time and charges via wireless inductive charging when connected to the part that sits into your 12v socket.

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Like all Belkin products, this device is simple to setup and offers excellent customer service should you need it. It's a simple, quality and great overall Bluetooth car kit. The downside is the price. You'll be spending into the triple digits for this unit. It has an OK audio strength. This just means that you might have to turn the volume up more than you might with another model.

However, that's not too big of an issue.

5 Best Bluetooth Car Adapters | Features to Look for When Buying | Buyer's Guide

Even though this is one of the least expensive options, the audio clarity is decent and better than others at a higher price point. Signal clarity is most important in a Bluetooth hands-free car kit because there's no way to improve it by turning up a dial. Keep in mind that this Bluetooth car kit runs off a rechargeable battery.

As a result, the signal will be weaker than one that uses power from the car. Again, just turn up the volume to compensate for that. Best of all, there's no need for an adhesive backing to stick it to the dash. The aux input sticks out from the device which means when you plug it in, it stays in place. Here's another aux input device that allows you to be handsfree while on the road.

BEST Bluetooth Adapter For Your Vehicle!! (PLUG and PLAY)

This one is compatible with Siri and both Android and iPhone. The one button can be mounted anywhere on your dash or console. Face the button forward though because the microphone is built into the button. The sound quality is above par and most reviewers are happy with the device. One con is that the cable is long and some find it hard to tuck out of the way.

Many people said that it connects automatically to their smart devices when they get into the car, though some people reported having to re-connect it often. As we've discussed, the audio performance of an FM transmitter doesn't compare to Bluetooth car kits that connect through aux. But if you have an older car, chances are there isn't an aux port. This limits your options in Bluetooth hands-free car kits. It plugs right into your car charger and features a nice big display.

This is great to keep you focused on the road. The adjustable neck offers only minor adjustments. Depending on the setup of your car, the positioning of the device might not be great. There aren't any cords that get in the way which is a plus. Bluetooth Car Kits: Electronics

You won't get crystal clear sound but luckily, the background noise is most noticeable in between songs. Let's look at our first visor-mounted Bluetooth device. It allows you to control the volume, gives you up to 6-hours of talking time between charges and uses a rechargeable battery. With the free Minikit Neo 2 app on your phone, your Bluetooth car kit can even find your car in the parking lot. The dual mode multi point technology allows you to connect to two Bluetooth telephones simultaneously.