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This section has basic information about divorce in Ohio. You will find more information about divorce, including the risks of taking your children out of state while.

But not all of the entries have this information. The database is not complete, but it does have more than 49 million entries. You will find some people in this database who are not included in the Social Security Death Index, as many of the entries predate the general time frame of the SSDI which begins circa , although there are some earlier entries. You will find many individuals in the SSDI who are not listed here. And some people may be listed in both databases. It lists people whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Adminsitration starting about there are a few deaths listed prior to Beyond the basic vital stats of the index, you can request the Social Security Application Form SS-5 of the person in the index.

The Form SS-5 provides more detailed information about the person being search:. The request qualifies under FOIA, so you do not need to establish or assert any familial connection. Note that there is a moderate fee.

Cause of death (COD) data currently available at the AIHW

The request is made with Form SSA Separately, please note that if you can prove familial link and death, then you can spend a little more money and apply for an earnings report that includes the names and addresses of all employers using Form SSA This firm is especially helpful for a person with a very recent gap in their family history e. As pointed out by Steve Morse , sites vary with.

Recently, Genealogy Bank returned to allowing non-actively subscribed registered users to see SSDI search results without covering them up. All SSNs are redacted but verification codes are included. Family Tree Legends only includes deaths up to about In , they started omitting the last 10 years of data.

Last Chance to Comment on Rules Regarding Social Security Death Index Access

This end-point updated monthly in and but then stopped. FTL is currently the only other site that includes the verification codes. And the loss of Old Search at Ancestry means you can't specify issuing state or last residence anymore.

A Genealogy Guide for Searching Online

You can fudge them with birth and death locations or include an "Any event" location without a limiting date , but it's not right. Ancestry is the only site that provides an issue year or range in the results, but I generally haven't found that field very helpful. FamilySearch is peculiar in omitting the Last Benefit field altogether and often omitting the city in locations.

AF-030: Researching the Social Security Death Benefit Records - Genealogy Gold Podcast

They do include SSNs up to about , where most other sites don't. Update: as of mid-March , FamilySearch has redacted all? SSNs from the number field.

Mocavo used to have a separate SSDI offering, with a unique search engine, but it is no longer accessible from the navigation menu. SSDI results are included in global searches. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 7 months ago. Active 9 months ago.

Data Exchange – Requesting SSA’s Death Information

Viewed 1k times. Does it make a difference which website I use? What fields will I find in a search result? Jan Murphy. Surprised to see no mention of ssdmf.

Searching the Social Security Death Index

Well, I'm not surprised that I didn't include a site that I didn't know about when I wrote the question. If you'd like to write an answer that shows what form the data is in, and what fields you can see from Tom's file, then if others think the data is useful, you can get yourself some upvotes.

I have to leave something for other people to put in their answers, you know. Not here for the votes, thanks anyway. As of 12 January , their database is titled United States: Social Security Death Index, and returns some results for deaths from , although their database description still says: Note: Data is current through January This file includes the following information on each deceased person, as applicable: name date of birth date of death state or country of residence prior to Mar and ZIP code of last residence.

As of 26 January , Findmypast displayed the following fields for my test search: Name in separate first names and last name fields birth date broken out by year, month, and day death date broken out by year, month, and day Social Security number visible for my subject, who died in Place of Issue State apparently State of issue, or residence at the time of issue -- it is not the death location Country It is not clear whether these records are part of Findmypast's acquisition of Mocavo's data or not, but the records appear to be part of Findmypast's free records.

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Older sites: Mocavo Mocavo was acquired by Findmypast. Rootsweb RootsWeb is still around, but the SSDI search is gone - a pity, since the search functions there were better than many other sites. As of when I wrote this answer, the site said: Due to sensitivities around the information in this database, the Social Security Death Index collection is not available on our free Rootsweb service but is accessible to search on Ancestry. Family Tree Legends [ Update: redirects to My Heritage] My search for a person who died in returned no results.

The Form SS-5 provides more detailed information about the person being search: Full name Full name at birth, including maiden name Present mailing address Age at last birthday Date of birth Place of birth city, county, State Father's full name Mother's full name, including maiden name Sex Race as indicated by the applicant Whether the applicant ever applied for Social Security or Railroad Retirement before Current employer's name and address Date signed Applicant's signature The request qualifies under FOIA, so you do not need to establish or assert any familial connection.

NL7 NL7 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. Your answer is a nice answer that belongs to a different question -- e. My question was intended to aid people in gathering enough information to narrow down the candidates before making a request. If you're on a budget, sending in multiple applications on a fishing expedition is a waste of time and money.

I think it's a very germane answer. Someone looking at the SSDI might not know that it could lead to obtaining SS-5s unless people answer for more than the narrowest interpretation of a question. I think your answer is worthy of its own question, and is more likely to be seen in searches if you post your own question and self-answer it.

Also, if people like your question and your answer, they will be able to upvote both your question and your answer. As pointed out by Steve Morse , sites vary with which fields are included and how formatted search capabilities and restrictions updating frequency and redactions [Supplementing Jan's answer I have Mocavo Basic. Does anyone have Mocavo Gold? If so what fields do they show?