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Obama's does not.

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Again, it says he was born in Honolulu. We have one more thing. We talked to reporter Will Hoover, who wrote a well-researched story for the Honolulu Advertiser on Nov. It ran under the headline "Obama Slept Here. Actually, he found two of them, one in his Honululu Advertiser on Aug. They both said the same thing: "Mr.

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Barack H. Obama, Kalanianaole Highway, son, Aug. Newspaper officials he checked with confirmed those notices came from the state Department of Health. Take a second and think about that. In order to phony those notices up, it would have required the complicity of the state Health Department and two independent newspapers — on the off chance this unnamed child might want to one day be president of the United States. Federal laws prohibit hospital officials from confirming that he was born there, but Hoover said it's common knowledge among locals. So back to the claim that Gibbs lied about posting Obama's birth certificate on the Internet.

Was the Format of Hawaii Birth Certificates Changed…

WorldNetDaily is correct that the Obama campaign didn't post his original birth certificate on the Internet. But their suggestion that there is some significant difference between the two documents is wrong. They both prove the same thing. Maybe the original would identify the hospital where Obama was born, but that's irrelevant. The issue is what city, and therefore country, was he born.

1: Team Arpaio: We Have Two 1961 Hawaii Birth Certificates That List Negro Not African

The document posted by the campaign proves Obama was born in Honolulu, according to Health Department officials. And that's really the central issue here. WorldNetDaily may be right that the original birth certificate wasn't posted, but if Hawaii says the the document Obama posted can rightly be called Obama's birth certificate, how is Gibbs lying?

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We harbor no delusions that anything we say here will slow the persistent drumbeat of the birthers, but we rule this statement False. Any anonymous person can post a statement on the Internet. It can be passed around, repeated, added to and commented on in blog after blog. It can be circulated in chain e-mails. And pretty soon it gathers such steam, its very reach seems to add credibility.

Here, we deal with just such an idea. It's the claim that the Free Flow of Information Act of passed by the House in March is actually a "stealth" law aimed at protecting President Barack Obama from having to produce his "actual" birth certificate. That's why some conservative bloggers derisively call it the "Obama Birth Certificate Protection Act. Readers sent us an e-mail that claimed the bill "would guarantee Barack Obama will never be held accountable for producing forged birth documents.

As for the claim that Obama produced "forged" birth documents, that's a matter we have been following for quite some time, and we direct your attention here. In this item, we wanted to set the record straight about the Free Flow of Information Act. Passed by the House in March, the bill is designed to protect journalists from having to reveal confidential sources in federal court.

Born in the U.S.A. -

Here's what the bill says: "A federal entity may not compel a covered person to provide testimony or produce any document related to information obtained or created by such covered person as part of engaging in journalism, unless a court determines by a preponderance of the evidence. Many bloggers insist it would also protect federal employees of the executive branch from being compelled to release documents.

But the key words are "covered person. In other words, "a covered person is simply a journalist," said Sophia Cope, legislative counsel for the Newspaper Association of America, which has lobbied hard for the bill.

This bill has been kicking around Congress for four years, long before Obama announced his candidacy for president. We also note that the bill has enjoyed widespread bipartisan support. It was so noncontroversial it passed the House on March 31 with a voice vote rather than a roll call. Last Congress, it passed by a vote of A Senate version of the bill is under consideration. One could argue that this law has simply been misread by some well-intentioned government watchdogs. But this is just the latest conspiracy theory from the fringe of a conservative group convinced that Obama hasn't provided sufficient documentation to prove he was born in the United States, and therefore cannot serve as president.

Even among these folks, the claim about the Free Flow of Information Act is more than a stretch. We give it a Pants on Fire. Notice Your privacy is important to us. Stay Connected:.

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We also examined a related claim about a bill pending in Congress: Who knows where some political ideas originate. Cope isn't quite sure how the intent of the law has been so grossly distorted. Since , delayed birth certificates can be applied for in Hawaii. They often contain valuable genealogical information. The FHL has seventy microfilm rolls of delayed birth records for Hawaii. This collection contains 50, delayed birth records and covers the period from to , with indexes from to Most records are now deposited with the State Department of Health.

The organizations listed below provide information about Hawaii history and genealogy. In addition to these state-level resources, many counties and towns maintain important genealogical collections in local libraries, genealogical societies, or historical societies, so check for a local resource when researching. Collections History Resources. Queen Liliuokalani, last Hawaiian monarch, in the U. Federal Census. Hawaii Vital Records Hawaii has birth and death records beginning in Records are available to genealogists 75 years after the event. See the Genealogy Requests page for information on genealogical records requests.

Hawaii State Archives : The Archives holds records of births, marriages, and deaths, and has scanned images of many records into a Vital Statistic collection digital archive. See the Genealogy Research page for more information. Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library : This growing digital library contains some marriage, divorce, and death records in the Hawaiian Genealogy index.

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Hawaii Research Resources The organizations listed below provide information about Hawaii history and genealogy. Use the Land Patent Search to locate land grants by name. Many record images are available on the web site. See the FAQ for more information on how to locate and use land patents. Bishop Museum Library and Archives : The collection covers Hawaii and the Pacific, and includes books, manuscripts, periodicals, and audio and video.

Chronicling America: Online newspapers : Provides searchable online versions of selected Hawaii newspapers. Hawaii, Compiled Census Index,