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Once I got through, I had to be transferred 3 times before I got to someone that handled Federal Claims. And to make the situation even better, everyone I spoke with was so nice especially the last gentleman that filed my claim. You-guys ROCK!!! After listening to the lengthy recording, I quickly dialed and after listening to their terrible music for about 8 minutes, I actually got to speak to a real live person. Thank you so much! I finally got through after an hour of experimenting with various tricks listed on this site.

The tweak that worked for me was: - When you call the number, you will either hear the 'Welcome If you hear the 'thank you' message, just hang up immediately and keep trying again till you get the 'Welcome I tried the trick the first time and eventually got dropped after entering my SSN etc. On my 2nd try, I used and got put in the queue. Was told my hold time would be 2 mins. Took about 4, but finally spoke to them and got my issue resolved!!! Thanks for posting this online and keeping the threads alive folks! This still works.


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Enter social, press 1 to confirm. Wait time was less than 5 min. I've been calling this week and even went down to my local office to use their phones. Thank you for the tip! Called the number a few times just before 9am and got though!

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Just have to re-dial until you get the "Welcome" message. The girl that helped me was very nice and was done in 15 min. Call Woman was very nice. They will ask you for ss. So that they can direct you to the office handling your claim. Took a total of 10 minutes fron start to finish.

I got thru to the s above but she couldnt help me because its a direct to Unemployment uuuughhh!

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Just did it and took about 15 min from start to finish! You are good in my book It did work.!!!! Didn't dial 6 7 1 fast enough the first time so it told me it was an invalid entry and to enter a valid number or I would be disconnected so I hit 6 7 1 again real fast and low and behold I was then told I was next in line I got someone on the phone in a minute. Just to clarify - you have to press 1 for English and then you have to wait for him to stop speaking. When you hear silence, then hit Totally works. Allisa's tip worked! I called the number, waited for the voice prompt to press 1, the pressed quickly, entered my SSN, confirmed on my iPhone that I had entered the correct numbers and pressed 1 to confirm without waiting for the voice prompt to read it back to me.

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I was then greeted by a message that said I was 6 in line and was given the option of having EDD call me back! It only took 11 minutes for a very pleasant and helpful Customer Service Rep named Rhonda to return my call. She was very thorough and answered all my questions. Thank you so much, Allisa, for sharing your tip! Thanks Allisa for the tip. It does works!!!! Here's another number it may help Thanks for all your help Phone Then, enter social wait for message, if you get a message you are good, if you get cut off just keep trying. Thanks for the help. Decided to apply through the website because the lady I got was a witch.

This worked perfectly. Thank you for spelling it out too with the phone number and then what to do. I got through first try and had a 3 minute wait time. Totally worked for me too! I had to call back a few times to get a wait time, but was finally able to get through. Thanks so much for the tip!!! Just called the direct number to live person at EDD within 1 minute!

Still works and is the most awesome thing about EDD! Thank u it really worked Its almost like they don't want you to get through to them.

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I tried your method 1 time and got through right away. Thanks again. Tried the normal route, pressed dozens of buttons, then was told there were too many calls. I used to call the Vietnamese line, but that was sort of a pain. It worked like a charm. Waited less than a minute. Bonus, I happened to get the friendliest EDD employee ever!

Do the thing and then listen to the announcement about "online support" Good stuff. This trick totally worked for me. Spoke to a live person within 1 min. She told me everything about my claim. Even told me when my phone interview would be. Thanks for the awesome trick!!! Thank God! It's been a nightmare trying to get ahold of anyone and this got me through fast within a minute wait. Thank you for posting this tip! This works. Looked this up and bam I got a person within 1 minute.

How in the world was this discovered?

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Yes does work guys. This number did work even in I was trying everything to get through.

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Only took 5 min and kept pressing the 0 hold button. They were even able to connect me to the operator who did my phone interview with me as she has not completed her duties on her side and now its been a month of not received any benefits! I got a chance to leave a message praying this lady calls me back. I called at just after noon. A 4 hour work day for the EDD? I want to work there. I can't thank u enough!! I've been going in circles with bot calls! Its enough to drive a person crazy! I call the number provided here and bam!