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Possible vehicle forfeiture. Vehicle immobilization for 90 to days unless the vehicle is forfeited.

Drinking and Driver’s License Restoration

The minimum period of revocation and denial is 1 year minimum of 5 years if there was a prior revocation within 7 years. Vehicle immobilization for 1 to 3 years, unless the vehicle is forfeited. Vehicle registration denial. Vehicle immobilization for up to days, unless the vehicle is forfeited.

Alcohol screening may be required. Second Offense with 7 years.

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Up to 60 days of community service. Up to 93 days in jail. You must present clear and convincing evidence that you meet the eligibility requirements for license restoration in order to win your hearing.

License Restoration in Michigan - My License Was Revoked, Now What?

In Michigan, if you are arrested for drunk driving and have prior convictions on your record, your license plate could be confiscated. In this situation, you will not be eligible to obtain a new license plate until the court case has been settled. Additionally, prior convictions for any of the following offenses will be considered:. If a law enforcement officer pulls you over for one of the above violations, he or she will run a record check through the Law Enforcement Information Network.

This system will inform the officer of any prior convictions you have and, if necessary, instruct the officer to confiscate your license plate. Once the case is completed, the court will issue you a form that you must take to a Secretary of State branch office in order to have the hold cleared.

Revocation is typically reserved for repeat habitual offenders; for example, if you are convicted of two drunk driving charges within seven years, your license will be revoked for a minimum period of one year. If you had a prior revocation within the last seven years, the minimum revocation period is five years.

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Revocation essentially means that your driving privilege has been completely terminated; in other words, a revocation puts you in the position you were in before you ever had a license. You will only become eligible to reapply for a license once you have served the full term of the revocation, and you are not guaranteed to regain a license once you reapply.

Keep Your License After a DUI 2nd Offense: Michigan’s Sobriety Court Program

The application process is lengthy and requires documented evidence and testimony that you are not a liability to the safety of other drivers. There is no clear and easy way to explain the suspension periods as you probably know if you have looked at the information provided by the secretary of state. The most basic explanation is:. You will be eligible to apply for a Michigan Driver's license reinstatement after one year following your first revocation.

DUI License Suspension and Penalties | Facing a License Suspension

During this time if you receive any type of abstracted ticket, it will be used as proof of driving and you will start your waiting period all over again. Hiring an experienced Michigan Drivers License restoration attorney when you are first eligible could reduce the chance of continued time being added to your revocation. Being caught up in the system of continued suspension becomes a way of life for some people and it does not have to be. It is also very important to hire a Michigan Drivers License lawyer if you do receive a ticket while revoked.