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Decoding VIN numbers

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VIN Decoding for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and VW

Raizinman Platinum Member. Sep 7, 2, 22 I'm looking at a Mercedes 4 door with a 6 cylinder engine. Does someone have a VIN decoder for this vehicle. Here is the VIN Vette73 Lifer. Jul 5, 21, 7 0. That vin comes back as a Trabant. They were known to copy mercedes and maybe someone put some mercedes badges on it?


Does it smell like a sweaty east german roided woman? Oh and carfox says it failed its inspection last year, tires were to square.

Where to find the vehicle identification number (VIN) at your Mercedes Benz C180 Sedan/Saloon DIY

When I tried it, it returned with a message that it needs a 17 digit VIN?? I was kidding. Check out some mercedes forums as I have seen a lot that can decode older VINs and tell you about the car.

There will not be a history though just its a XYZ car made on such and such Unless you find a mercedes gear nut here, don;t know of any, I don;t think anyone here can help. Check this thread out They usually will send what they have.

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In the official catalog for the dealers, such information is often not presented there. If this information is critical for you, it's better to choose the American model.

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But please take into account that the date of production is usually given by the Mercedes Benz VIN decoder. And it's not the date of the shipment to the dealer that is available on a data card from authorised dealers. If you want to decode the whole code manually with the help information you collect from various sites, be ready to spend a few days on it. The VIN decoder Mercedes will do the same job is a few seconds and we consider it to be the most efficient method. The most common place where you can find a VIN code on any American Mercedes in the dashboard under the windshield near the hood.

This is a vin decoder that works

Depending on the model and the year, there may be other places for the MB VIN numbers such as the chassis' offside B post on the driver's side in a C class models produced after You can find one more place on the block of the engine over the rear nearside. Each symbol from the code contains some specific information about the car.

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  • With the help of the decoder, you can find out the country where the vehicle was produced, the name of the assembly and the division. Other characters represent the information about the model, the style of the body, the safety equipment. It means you will know the color, the number of seats, the number and the position of the airbags and so on.