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The casualties of the regiment in that battle were 1 officer killed, 2 wounded, 5 men killed, wounded. The regiment reamined at Chattanooga unti Nov. Thomas R. Brown was wounded,next was in action at Acworth; On June 17, Capt. C Sturgis received a wound from which he died; was in the fighting throughout the campaign about Kennesaw Mountain, Dallas, Marietta, across the Chattahoochee, in the battles around Atlanta: and took part in the movement to Jonesboro and Lovejoy's Station south of Atlanta. The loss during the campaign was i officere killed, 4 wounded, 7 men killed and 83 wounded. The regiment participated in all the movements and engagemnets of that campaign, and after the battle of Franklin, it was ordered to Louisville, where it mustered out Jan.

The following statistics of the regiment are taken from the official records at Washington: Total enlistments, ;killed in battle or died of wounds received,; wounded in action, ;died in hospital, prison, by accidents, etc. Ora Ann 7 Sandefur , born March 02, ; died August 02, Emma E. Vannie L.

Round 10 Burnsville A (MN) v. Henderson County (KY)

Notes for Vannie L. She was buried on a knoll overlooking the river. It is assumed that high water and erosion has tumbled the stone into the river. He married Cora McCain. Wilmuth Sandefur , born June 12, She married Rev T.


Ratcliffe October 31, More About Rev T. Archie Dixon Sandefur , born November 08, ; died August 26, Hilary H. More About Hilary H. Sandefur : Burial: Mt. She was born Served in the17th Volunteer Kentucky infantry. He was wounded in the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing also known asBattle of Shiloh and was taken to the Hospital at Corinth, Mississippi, just across the state line, April 6, He died about two months later.

Joseph was buried in a trench along with several other soldiers. After the war ended he was disinterned and place in an unmarked grave in the Military Cemetery at Corinth, MS. Amanda 7 Sandefur , born She resided Carroll Co.

Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics Agency Information

Christian County:. Amelia A. Sandefur died June 9, at age 82 years. She resided in Henderson Co. James H. Sandefur died January 7, at age 75 years. He resided in Henderson Co. Maggie Sandefur died August 5, at age 71 years. Melvin L. Sandefur died November 7, at age 50 years. Walker Sandefer died March 21, at age 37 years.

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Clay County:. Fannie Standfer died August 25, at age 58 years. She resided in Clay Co, KY. Crittenden County:. Ed Sandefur died May 3, at age 52 years. He resided in Crittenden Co. Mary J. Sandefur died May 6, at age 67 years. She resided in Crittenden Co. Daviess County:.

Argyle Sandefur died March 6, at age 64 years. He resided in Daviess Co. Carrie E. Sandefur died January 14, at age 82 years. She resided in Daviess Co. Sandefur died November 17, at age 83 years. She resided in McLean Co. Charles O. Sandefur died August 11, at age 77 years.

Sandefur died December 4, at age 73 years.

Kentucky Vital Statistics Records

Chester A. Sandefur died April 8, at age 69 years. Darrell M. Sandefur died October 23, at age 81 years. Dewey L. Sandefur died August 2, at age 62 years. He resided in McLean Co.

Henderson County, Kentucky Genealogy

Dorothy P. Sandefur died October 30, at age 40 years.

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  8. Earle Sandefur died August 22, at age 59 years. He resided in Daviess County, KY. Elizabeth B. Sandefur died November 27, at age 83 years. Ellis L. Sandefur died March 31, at age 80 years.