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This section has basic information about divorce in Ohio. You will find more information about divorce, including the risks of taking your children out of state while.

No action or proceeding shall be accepted for filing by the Clerk of Courts unless there first shall be deposited the sum of not less than the amount specified in Appendix A as security for costs unless otherwise excepted by law or by order of the Court. The Court may authorize commencement, prosecution or defense of any suit, action or proceeding, civil or criminal or appeal therein, without prepayment of fees and costs or security therefor upon good cause shown and upon the filing with the Clerk of an affidavit by the party making the request together with a statement of counsel that he has received no fees.

Such affidavit shall state the nature of the action, defense or appeal, the assets of the affiant, the earnings of the affiant and the affiant's belief that he is unable to pay costs or give security therefore. Judgment may be rendered for costs at the conclusion of the suit or action as in other cases. Costs shall be as set forth in Appendix A as may from time to time be amended by the Court. When a jury trial is held, the non-prevailing party shall be responsible for the jury costs unless the Court provides otherwise.

Proceedings, including discovery proceedings before the Court, may be recorded by stenographic means, by phonogram means, by photographic means, by use of audio electronic recording devices or by use of video tape recording systems. The Presiding-Administrative Judge may order the use of any method of recording authorized by this rule. If a Court employed Court reporter is desired, reasonable notice shall be given to the Court.

The Court shall appoint one or more Magistrates to hear the actions authorized by Superintendence Rule No. In addition, any Judge with the consent of the Presiding-Administrative Judge may refer other appropriate matters to a Magistrate. The Magistrate shall file a written report stating his or her findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Such report shall be sufficient for the Judge to make an independent review of the Magistrate's findings and conclusions.

The report shall be mailed to the parties or their attorneys by the Clerk if not delivered to them at the conclusion of the hearing. The Court may, from time to time, establish forms for the Magistrate's report in various types of cases which will then be appended to these rules and used by the Magistrate. All rent deposits made with the Clerk of Courts pursuant to Chapters and of the Ohio Revised Code shall be in cash, or by certified check or money order.

No persons other than a Judge, authorized Bailiff or deputy Bailiff shall remove any Court papers or files or parts thereof from the custody of the Clerk, except with leave of Court. The judgment entry specified in Civil Rule 58 and Criminal Rule 32 shall be journalized within fourteen 14 days of judgment. If such entry is not prepared and presented for journalization by counsel, it shall be prepared by the Court and filed with the Clerk for journalization. In civil matters, the Clerk shall serve the parties with notice of the judgment by 1st Class U.

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Mail unless otherwise directed, within three 3 days of entry of judgment upon the journal. Jurors who shall serve in civil or criminal cases tried in this Court shall be chosen by the Stark County Jury Commission and shall be summoned by an officer of this Court. When a jury of six 6 or less is demanded, not less than twelve 12 qualified electors of the Court district shall be requested as a venire; when a jury of more than six 6 is demanded, not less than twenty 20 such qualified electors shall be requested as a venire, unless ordered by the Court.

If consisting of more than one sheet of paper, the sheets shall be securely fastened together. The use of covers or jackets is not permitted. Pursuant to Civil Rule 5 E , effective July 1, , pleadings and other papers may be filed electronically by facsimile transmission to the Clerk's office [ Civil Division] [ Criminal Division], providing the transmitting equipment sends a neat, clearly legible facsimile of the original.

Each paper filed by each party represented by counsel shall designate, on the last page thereof, the name, address, telephone number and attorney registration number issued by the Ohio Supreme Court of the attorney responsible for the case.

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The complaint must give the mailing address for all parties and counsel and must include the correct zip code. It shall be the duty of the Plaintiff or his attorney to file with the complaint as many copies thereof as there are Defendants to be served with the summons in said action. Copies may be legible carbon copies or clear photostatic copies. Pleadings which do not conform to this rule may be ordered stricken from the file by the Court.

The Canton Municipal Court provides for the filing of all pleadings and other papers by facsimile transmission, through the Clerk of Court's Office. All pleadings, motions, exhibits, and other papers may be filed with the Court, twenty-four hours per day, days a week by facsimile transmission to subject to the following provisions. Upon filing any written motion with the Clerk, the party or attorney filing the motion must: 1 Serve a copy of the motion, memorandum or brief and supporting affidavit, if any, either in person or by depositing it in the mail; and 2 Include a "Proof of Service" indicating the person s served, the date and method of service and the address at which the party or attorney was served.

The only exception to this rule is when the motion is to be served with the summons, it may be deposited with the Clerk of Courts for such service. Failure to comply with this rule shall be sufficient cause to strike the motion from the file. Marriage ceremonies will be performed by appointment only. The Clerk shall provide the applicants with a receipt showing the names appearing on the marriage license.

The marriage certificate and receipt must be presented to the Judge performing the ceremony prior to the performance of the marriage. The Clerk shall keep a record of the fees received. All former rules of this Court are repealed as of the effective date hereof with respect only to the subject matter of those topics herein contained. Amendments and additions hereto may be made from time to time upon the majority affirmative vote of all of the Judges in office of all of the divisions of this Court, but such amendments shall not be effective until filed with the Supreme Court of Ohio in accordance with Civil Rule 83, Criminal Rule 57, Traffic Rule 19 and Superintendence Rule 5.

Back to the top Rule No. Rule 6 Counsel shall, by individual personal signature, designate their capacity as trial counsel on all pleadings in civil and criminal matters. The person filing the document by facsimile shall provide a cover page containing the following information:.

Title of document being filed e. Indication of the number of pages included in the transmission, including the cover page. If a document is sent via facsimile to the Clerk of Court without the cover page information as cited above, it may be deposited in the case jacket, but need not be entered into the case docket and may be considered to be a nullity and thereby stricken from the record. The document filed by facsimile shall be accepted as the effective original filing. Do I as a minister request a marriage license or should the couple being married apply for the license than bring it to me.

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After the ceremony where do I submit the signed license. Thank you Pastor Peter Nahodyl. Return the completed license to the original probate court that issued it.


The license will show the return address. My name is Ekram Fahrettin Kitapchi. My fiance and I currently over seas, and planning to get married in Ohio, as I am from. What does an ordained minister typically charge to marry a couple? I need someone immediately after I get the license and need to know what's fair. Ceremony fees vary considerably. The final price will likely fall somewhere in the middle. Do I have to schedule with the court a time to be married,and is that besides getting the license??

Yes, getting a marriage license and getting married in the court is separate. If you schedule appropriately, you should be able to get both done the same day and within close proximity to one another. Hi Mckenzie.

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Ohio law doesn't set a minimum or maximum fee for marriage ceremonies. There's no real fee range to give you. It could be low or very expensive. The person who performs your ceremony sets the price. You'll have to negotiate with them.

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What happens if the "officiate" is not registered in the state of Ohio? Or turns out to not have credentials at all? Hi Cyn. As long as the married couple believed the officiant was legit, their marriage would remain valid in the eyes of the state. Does anyone know if Lucas County Probate court has judges that ordain the ceremony or where I can get it done cheap.

They're there between am to 4pm. You don't have to make an appointment. Just walk in. Hi Linda. A Sunday marriage would likely preclude a courthouse marriage. You can get in touch with a court e. Beyond that, you'll have to do a basic search as you would any for-hire officiant. Obviously, prices will vary for private businesses and officiants. Common-law marriage has diverse names, from "marriage in fact", "marriage by repute and habit", "informal….

Apart from imposing penalties and fines on offenders across the divide, states around the country have enacted laws imposing non-offender…. One of the truths from research is that through premarital preparation courses and programs divorces are reduced and healthy marriages….