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This section has basic information about divorce in Ohio. You will find more information about divorce, including the risks of taking your children out of state while.

Marriage records are available at the State Office from June to August Copies of marriage records earlier than and after are only available from the county Probate Court where the license was issued. Certified copies of marriage licenses are available to the general public, but a certified copy of the marriage license application is only available to the spouses listed on the marriage license.

Some Probate Courts also issue an attractive, frameable copy of marriage documents. These copies are not available at the State Office of Vital Records. How do I request a Marriage Certificate within the first six months after the event? To request a copy of the marriage certificate within the first six months of the event, we recommend that you contact the county office where the marriage license was issued.

You may choose to send your request to the State Office of Vital Records; however, we may not have it on file. A completed and signed request form which can be downloaded by clicking here. Cobb County Sheriff Roswell St. Search Georgia Superior Court deed record index for all Georgia counties since January 1, with name, address, book page, property, or instrument type. Users can access database through a paid subscription or free single use account.

Cobb County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. From the U. Census Bureau. View Cobb County voter and election information including polling locations and election results. View Cobb County information about obtaining marriage licenses and marriage certificates. View Cobb County government job openings including full-time positions, part-time positions and promotional positions. Search Georgia food service and tourist accommodation inspection scores by county.

Search Cobb County genealogy records such as census records, obituaries, and more. Search Georgia recorded marriage licenses by county and applicant name, issued date range, recorded date range or marriage date range. Return to Top. Population: , Area: sq. Area Code s : Time Zone: Eastern.

What Does a Probate Attorney Do?

Georgia Court Records and other Resources Links to state and local court records, general Georgia court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in Georgia. Property Search Search Cobb County property tax and assessment records by owner name, address or account number.

Inmate Records Search Cobb County inmate records by name. Recorded Document Search Search Cobb County recorded land records by name, address, or book and page.

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Georgia Real Estate Index Search Search Georgia Superior Court deed record index for all Georgia counties since January 1, with name, address, book page, property, or instrument type. Cobb County Census Information Summary Cobb County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses.

How do I change my last name to his legal last name now? We are a same-sex couple getting married this upcoming month. She kept her ex husbands name to match the kids.

Now, my question is can I take that same last name when we are married? Or must we use mine, or her maiden name? Ideally we would like for me to change my last name to hers which is her ex husbands. A birth certificate is used to confirm age, not identity. In some circumstances, it may be required, but most people won't need it.

How to Get a California Marriage License

Teresa May 22, My husband of 25 years died 10 years ago. I am to marry a year from now. Would like to keep my deceased husband's last name as my middle name when I marry. Is that possible without legal action? Hi Teresa. You can swap out your middle name for your maiden name, but I don't believe you can use the name of your deceased husband. When you apply next year, you'll be given the option to choose a new first, middle, and last name.

Of course, your first name can't be changed in this avenue, even though the application prompts you for it. If you attempt to put in a middle name choice that's not possible through marriage, the probate court clerk or judge should alert you to this considering the application will ask for your current name and last name at birth. Is there no grace period? Emotional clinging is the only reason I did not opt to change my name at the time of the divorce.

I'm over it. That's a lot of money and I've got transactions coming up I like to accomplish in my maiden name. I am getting married on June 23rd. I guess just have two middle names. How would I sign paper work? Hi Lauren. That should work. You'll have to specify your new name on the marriage license application. If you haven't changed your name with the Social Security Administration, your name hasn't changed in any practical sense. If you're looking to remarry your existing spouse, I don't believe Georgia will issue you a marriage, remarriage, or vow renewal marriage license. If you're looking to marry someone else without first divorcing, that wouldn't be lawful.

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How to Get a Georgia Marriage License

It would be bigamy. However, if the whereabouts of your current spouse is unknown, a second marriage may be able to avoid being voided if contested. Hi, I've been married twice. The last one in Atlanta GA. I'm trying to go back to my maiden name. However, They can't my marriage license but found the divorce papers. How do I go about going to my maiden name, how much will this cost me, and what documents do I need? Sorry, they can't find my original marriage license but found a divorce decree. I just want to know the procedure to retain my original maiden name.

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  6. Hi Kembley. If you're talking about going back to your maiden name following divorce, you can do so as long as your divorce decree contains instructions to restore your prior name. The process of changing your name through divorce is essentially the same as doing it through marriage. You'd start with social security, then DMV, then passport, etc.

    You'll use a certified copy of your divorce decree as your authorized name change event. How do I go about doing so? Hi Jatarra. The name change process for marriage is the same, even after 15 years. Since your marriage occurred over two years ago, you'll have to provide an identity document instead of just your marriage certificate.

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    I got married a year ago. Our Marriage Certificate has our original last names. I want to change my last name to my spouse's. As a first step, do I need to get our Marriage Certificate corrected? How do I start this process? Thanks for your help! Hi, I was married 28 years ago in Georgia and on our marriage license, I chose my maiden name as my middle name and took my husbands last name.